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The science of complexity and related research

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Getting into the complex systems community [Feb. 11th, 2010|02:19 pm]
The science of complexity and related research


If you wish to study complexity in an academic fashion or if you'r just a practitioner using ideas from complex systems in one way or another, maybe you find it difficult to orient yourself. To get started, it helps to familiarize yourself with the complex systems community. Or "do networking" if you like. :-)

A particularly good place to start is the recent ASSYST newsletter.
Together with the Complex systems Society this organisation arranges conferences (one paper deadline coming up soon!) maintains a directory of people involved with complex systems and post job offers. And if you'r an academic, it's in places like these that strong grant proposals are chiseled out.

The newsletter also links to videos of sessions from ECCS09. Robert Mackay's talk on emergence looks interesting, Michael battys talk looks interesting too. I love the video-feed they have here, where you can see the presenter and the slides in separate windows and also move back and forth in the slides yourself, without interrupting the presentation.

A tip for newcomers to the conference scene: Talks in the plenary sessions tend to be the most accessible ones and to have the best presenters.