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Complexity research

The science of complexity and related research
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This community is a place to discuss the science of complexity. (Which differ in important respects from the new-age and management-consultant chaos & complexity hype ;-)

"Complexity" as a phenomena has been extensively researched through the last century, not simply starting with the Santa Fe school in the '80s. And when going beyond Kolmogorov complexity, what exactly is it? Today most of "complexity research" sometimes seem preoccupied with answearing just that. But like biology can move on without a 100% watertight definition of life, so complexity research can go on to study ecological networks, scaling laws, the origin of life and artificial intelligence without first agreeing on a definition.

Complexity research spans from attention to non-linear aspects of a model to questioning reductionism itself and is still an open playingfield that welcomes interdisciplinary research.
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